Extreme Weather Alerts & Actions

Please be advised that golfers playing during extreme weather play at their own risk. Golfers are advised to have their personal lightning detectors or Apps.

In the event of lightning or extreme weather, please be advised of the following:

  1. If you hear thunder, lightning is near. Seek shelter in a large permanent building or a fully – enclosed metal vehicle
  2. If you are on the golf course and no designated shelter is nearby – head for low-lying ground and avoid taking shelter near or under tall conductive structures, including tall trees. Also avoid shelter near metal objects such as fences, or high tension structures. An umbrella can increase your chances of being struck by lightning.
  3. Copper Point Staff monitor extreme weather and will sound an extreme weather alert which is a signal of 1 long 15 second blast on an air horn; repeated after a 1 minute pause.
  4. If you arrive at a designated shelter please maintain safe Physical Distancing.
  5. Copper Point Staff will also sound an “all clear” alert when the danger of extreme weather has passed which will be 3 short 5 second horn blasts.